Almost all excavations at Yavneh were salvage excavations.

The first excavation was carried out by Ya'akov Ory in 1930. Ory found remains of a Roman period cementry.

Between 1951 and 1983, five salvage excavations took place.
A second excavation by Ory took place in 1951.
Ya'akov Kaplan found evidence for continued occupation at Yavneh from the Iron Age to our time.
Menashe Brosh excavated a Middle Bronze Age tomb and Roman period sarcophagi northeast of Yavneh, as well as a Roman mausoleum with two coffins from the 1st - 2nd centuries CE, with a rich assemblage of gold jewlry, bronze, glass and pottery vessels northeast of the tell.
Shlomoh Piphano explored two burial caves and a cistern on the western edge of the tell in 1983.

Thirteen more salvage excavations were carried out between 1989 and 2002.
Yossi Levi reported a refuse pit with pottery of the Byzantine period and remains of walls on the north slopes of the tell in 1989.
Levi also excavated a wall with Roman-Byzantine coins northwest of the tell in 1990.
Itamar Taxal reports a cementry with 13 burials, of which one has been excavated and ascribed to the Mamluk period.
In 1991 a Byzantine kiln, southwest of the tell, was excavated by Levi.
Amir Feldstein and Oren Shemueli excavated remains of buildings, mainly from the Byzantine period, but also some Iron Age pottery, to the west of the tell in 1993.
In 1999, Ira Barash excavated Byzantine-Early Islamic remains east of the tell.
Amir Gorzalczany documented a vaulted part of a building on the eastern slope of the tell.
Chen Eliaz excavated three small areas on the east side of the tell. He reported pottery from Roman, Byzantine and Early Islamic periods. Two further areas were excavated by Eliaz some 300 meters east of the tell.
In 2000, Noy Velednitzki excavated a Byzantine kiln and a waste pit north of the tell.
Ofer Si'on excavated in 2000 east of the tell, finding an aqueduct and remains of walls and floors with Byzantine pottery.
2000-2001, Raz Kletter excavated the Iron Age cementry and later remains north of the tell.
During 2001 an area further to the west was partially excavated by Aviva Bushnino.

Since 2002 there have been more salvage excavations at Yavneh and its vicinity, e.g. in 2002 Gorzalczani and David Barkan found in the sand dunes west of the tell remains of a building from the Persian/Hellenistic periods. Angelina Dagot, in 2003, excavated the ramains of a water channel with Byzantine pottery and a MBII jar burial. Uzi Ad excavated, in 2009, 50 squares along a planned road west of the tell. The finds included 6-7 strata from the Roman, Byzantine , Early Islamic and Ottoman periods.

In 2005 a short season of excavations has been carried out on the tell by Dan Bahat